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Help! I am new to Storyline 2 and I have a pretty good basic skill set, but I cannot get the screen recording piece to do what I need. I've followed the tutorials several times but it's just not sinking in. 

My goal is to display a form and the learner needs to demonstrate they can fill in the boxes correctly based on a given scenario.

I have completed the screen recording and inserted all 3 scenes - video, try it and test however it is so very cumbersome that I don't think learners can follow without a great deal of guidance. For example: in the test mode in order for a learner to make one entry into a cell, they have to first click in the cell, then click again in the cell to get a flashing bar, then type in the content, then press enter to actually get it into the cell (or the data won't stick), and lastly understand that they need to follow all of these steps every single time they want to make an entry.  Somehow I must be missing something. I would think they should be able to click into a cell, begin typing and press enter when done.

With the try it scene, there are so many steps that again I don't want the learner to interact with every single movement. How do I fix that?

Finally, in the single video, I would like the viewing pace to be sped up a little bit as I can't get the content in quick enough when recording.

Although I've done the tutorials, I don't fully understand the video editing piece and the artifact removal concept. I know it can't be that difficult but the tutorials are just not translating to my brain and what I am trying to do.

Simulations are a very huge part of what we need and at this point simulations and I are not friends. HELP!

Many thanks,



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