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Robert Kennedy

Most screencast software is not going to capture the audio that is actually playing on your computer.  You will need to use some software to re-route the audio card.  If you are on a Mac, you can use Soundflower to re-route the audio so that you can capture the audio from the computer's sound card.  If you are using a Windows machine, I would look up "virtual audio card software" on google.  You will find stuff like this: http://www.datanab.com/audio/VAcard.htm or this: http://www.totalrecorder.com/ or this: http://jackaudio.org/ or finally, this: http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm

The audio you are hearing now is what is coming out of the speakers and the computers mic is actually trying to record it but not able to get the proper signal.

Hope this helps.

Robert Kennedy

You will have to set the OUTPUT of your soundcard to go to the device and then the input of whatever screencast tool you are using to record from the virtual audio card.

So once you have installed the software, in your Windows Control Panel, go to Sound, then open up the properties there and set your playback device to the software.  Then in the screencast tool, find your input preferences, and set the audio in to come from that software.