screenr help

I have been trying for around 40 minutes to post a screenr recording.

I have tried by not signing in first, and then signing in. I get stopped at creating a screen name, and then once I manage that, I cannot complete the registration.

I have been unable to create a screenr account, despite having an elearning heroes account and having sent many screenrs in the past. I get to the Complete Registration page, and nothing happens. I click the button, nothing. 

I created a 4 minute video that I need today for work and no matter what I do to post it, I can't get past the login. I'm afraid I now have accounts with you through twitter, Facebook, and gmail because I was trying everything.

please help!


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David Anderson

Hi Cynthia,

It looks like Screenr's down right now. I can't log in either and I'm seeing others are beginning to post on our support site. I don't think it's a Twitter issue because yahoo and gmail logins also throw the same error page. Keep an eye on our Get Satisfaction page for updates. Screenr rarely goes down and when it does, it's never for long.