screenr issues on android tablet

hi everyone, I am having playback issues when using Screenr on my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. what happens is that the screencast will either play in the thumbnail or not at all (depending the browser). I am getting nowhere in the Screenr community so was hoping for some help here. 

odd thing is on my Samsung galaxy S phone it works perfectly?! 

anyone got any ideas or suggestions? 

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Earl, welcome to the forum and thank you for your reply. At least I know I am not the only one with this problem. The people at Screenr 'logged the issue' but I hope that doesn't mean I'll never get an answer. Now that Google has withdrawn Flash from android we should get a proper solution...

Earl Nall

Jeff,  The elimination of Flash from the Google Android devices and that Apple had done that a while back is becoming a large problem with our organization.  We have  around 5,000 coaches in Tennessee high schools take our online Articulate training but now with 33% of our web traffic coming from mobile devices we are getting increasing pressure to have our courses available in a non-flash platform.  Articulate has been promising this ability for a long while now, but have not delivered and I can't find what date their implementation of Studio 13 is.  I do know that other high school state associations that use Articulate are actively looking for another product to do training as are we.  Articulate needs to set a release date rather than "we are working on it".

The Screenr issue with the Play button remaining on the screen on mobile devices is a very frustrating issue also.  The company doesn't seem to respond to significant issues like we are having and the lack of customer service may hurt attracting future customers.  We are already looking for a replacement for Screenr.  I like the product, but their lack of response to the product issues is becoming a major problem for us. 

Jeff Kortenbosch

I can imagine Earl. Have you considered using Articulate Storyline? It publishes to HTML5 and although HTML5 is still wonky it does play pretty well on mobile devices and desktops, giving you've got an up to date browser.

I was about to go for Screenr Business for the company I work for but I am just not sure with the mobile issues :-( Luckily Storyline has built in screencasting so again that helps. As a workaround for the screenr not playing on all mobile devices I've started using the Publish to YouTube option and just started a YouTube channel. For some reason that works perfectly. Do note you need to change the title of your screencast once you've published to YouTube as for some reason it just says: Screencast from and places your actual title in the description field.

Like I said that works very well even on android devices and there is a plus: you can 'Brand' your youtube page. Check it out: