Screenr Java detect not blocking recordings

Jan 15, 2014

I'm trying to record a screenr to support another user. The java detect keeps telling me I don't have it installed even though I do. I've even gone to the Java site where they have a detection tool that confirms I have the latest installed. (See below image)

Here is the error in screenr:

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Melanie Shepherd

Quite frankly, I dont believe that one should have to compromise the security of your PC in order to get a the Java Plugin to work.

I had the same problem and even though I tried setting my security settings to medium and adding the screenr ul - it did not work for me.

As it turns out - if your PC is 64bit  and like me are using FireFox the 32bit version - you will need to install both versions of the Java Plugin both 64 and 32.  If you installed the 64bit version first, installing the 32bit version will ask you if you want to re-install, just say yes and re-install.

Steve Flowers

Hey Darcy - 

You might try to see if it behaves differently / better for you. It's a little different model but the technology convenience of recording from the browser is similar. There is a free version and the pro subscription costs $15. Pro adds a ton of editing features as well as captions and scripts.

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