Scrum board model & E-Learning: How do you divide your Tasks/PBIs?

Because we operate within a software company that already has the developers using Agile methodology, my training department is moving towards a more formalized Scrum board model, with Epics, Stories, Tasks, and PBIs (Product Backlog Items).

For example-

Epic: Employee Development
Story: Employee Onboarding Path
Task: Main Onboarding Module
PBIs: ??? (ie: research, storyboarding, developing, audio recording, etc)

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share how they break down the PBI, aka sub-task, portion of this methodology? And if you've got something quite different from my example above, I'd love to hear that too!

The bigger picture elements are easier to identify, but I've been wrestling with how granular to go when things like "develop module in Articulate" can last days, and seem difficult to divide further.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, LJ,

You can definitely divide "Develop module in Articulate" into smaller tasks. For example:

  • Determine/design template for the course (unless you have a standard one for all your courses).
  • Collect and organize content resources, which could be further divided into categories for text, photos, screenshots, and/or other graphics.
  • Prepare storyboard (if that's part of your process). If so, add items to have it reviewed, and possibly updated, until it is approved.
  • Develop alpha draft.
  • Review  alpha draft.
  • Revise alpha draft (aka prep beta draft).
  • Review beta draft.
  • Repeat the revise-review process until the course is approved.
  • Prepare materials for the LMS folks.
    • This includes publishing the SCORM package.
    • It may also include preparing an assessment key (so people checking course functionality can fail and pass any quiz, as needed).
    • It may also include preparing other info, such as course assignments.

When a course will include audio and/or video elements, then add items for scripting, approving scripts, and recording, as per your process.