Seamless Quizmaker

I am making a course that has a notebook as the background.

I am inserting a quizmaker interaction, and I want it to look seamless, but not have a different background.

I am using trial and error to try and figure out how much I need to remove on the top bottom and sides in background settings from a standard powerpoint sized background, to make it fit perfectly with the background when published.

I was just wondering if someone has figured this out already? Or maybe it is different everytime?

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Kayla Burtch

Ya, I know how to do that.

What I want however, is to take my background from powerpoint, and insert it into quizmaker, cropped by the right amount that it will go seamlessly with powerpoint when the transparency happens. It must be possible, I was just wondering if anyone knew the crop numbers cause I've spent hours trial and erroring it and its getting frustrating.