Search Feature on the Forums Tab - Not Working??

Nov 01, 2013

Hello -

No matter what the topic, when I put in a keyword on the Search field and press Go, it come up with not found.I find this very frustrating because I would like to search previous postings so I can see if my Qs are already addressed, etc. See example below.

Search Results for 'Storyline'

No items matching your search were found.

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Sheila Bulthuis

It's not browser-specific, it's just sporadic - has been for the last several weeks, and I've tried with both IE and Chrome.  I've given up on searching using the site search box and am just using google to search the site (in the Google search box, put site: followed by your search terms).  Works like a charm. 

Wish I could remember who posted about doing that so I could give credit where credit is due!!

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