Searching for images by the same artist/similar styles in Content Library 360

Hello all!

I'm new to Articulate 360 and was wondering if there was a trick for looking for images by the same artist or images with similar styles in the Content Library in Storyline?  For instance, if I wanted to use different icons that had a similar look and feel, is it possible to search for icons by the same artist?  It is a bit time consuming to have to scroll through all icons to find ones that look similar.  Would appreciate insights, tips and tricks from the pros out there!

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dave faldasz

Hi Adele!

ouch  - that's tough. I'm still a search-rookie- no quick solution here. I end up wandering through and taking something I never thought would fit so well. I came across a note in here that suggested dimming the picture to make it more of a background image, if it is not right on the mark for you. - or cropping it. A thesaurus is handy sometimes too.

found this nice write-up from staff member Trina Rimmer:

It will be interesting to see what others suggest...