Searching for Publications/Blogs/Articles on the differences in approach for different types of learning.

I’m working with a client who is beginning to understand that they have 2 types of training needs.

One the one hand, being in a highly regulated industry, they need to create and keep up to date a whole bunch of ‘procedural training’ (think CYA) so they can prove to their regulator that all appropriate staff have seen and passed a test on various processes and procedures.

One the other hand they are looking to do some real Talent Development for their people. Upskilling in a bunch of areas and behavioral changes and reinforcement in some others.

What I’ve been looking for (with limited success) is some good articles and/or blog posts or even maybe books that contrast the best practices for creating these two disparate types of training.

Anyone have any recommendations on this?




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Trina Rimmer

Hi Alan. First of all, good on you for working with your client to really understand their needs.

In terms of suggested reading, we touch a bit on the topic of information-based courses (to fill a knowledge gap) vs. courses that are more performance-based, in our E-Learning for Beginner's eBook. I believe Tom's eBook: The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro expands on these points in more detail.

Cathy Moore has written extensively about info vs. performance so I'd strongly recommend spending some time searching her blog for relevant articles.

I hope these suggestions help you out, but please let us know if we can help further.

Robert Bradley

I am in charge of a training department (public utility) that has a great deal of "regulatory / compliance" requirements. To meet this challenge I have developed a "competency based training" (CBT) program. Our focus is on written testing - followed by - practical exam (hands-on) performance testing. i.e. Demonstrating performance (using simulations and real world scenarios). This might be a concept you can research.