Season's Greetings - Advent Calendar for Articulate Users

Well today is December 1st and many of us now start thinking about the holidays.   Many also start thinking about the sharing and gift giving we will be doing over the next month.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you an Advent Calendar that I created using Articulate Storyline.  This particular example of what can be created uses variables and jscript that are running in the background will allow the user (you) to see something slightly different each day that you return through the month of December.

Check back each day to see what the “elves” will share with you and don’t worry if you miss a day you’ll still be able to see all the goodies that have been shared up until that day you visit us.

Click the image to open the Calendar. (
Come back each day to see more 

Note: It’s not perfect, but it accomplishes the goal I set for the calendar.  If I could track you as a user, then I would have loved the for calendar to remember you specifically, when you last visited, pickup and continue from that point.  So with the resources available to me, each day you return you will always see something new, but you may also see stuff you saw the day before.  On the other hand…the “elves” have great stuff so you’ll want to see it again and again. …. Cheers

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