Seekbar for slide lay with audio is not showing

Oct 19, 2016

Help? The Seekbar for my audio that is on my layer is not showing when played in preview or in the LMS. It used to be there a few days ago and  now it is just gone. I can pause the video by clicking anywhere on the slide but I want the pause feature on the slide also I want them the user to be able to advance the slide as well. Anyone know why (better yet) know how to get the Seekbar back? 

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Maree Eilman

Hi Wendy, the seekerbar is not selected on the base layer/ slide. I don't want a seekerbar on the base layer there is no audio on the base layer. It's only on the layer that I have audio. And it is the layer that I want to have the seekerbar on. Is it possible to have a seekerbar on the layer? It doesn't sound like it from your note above. 


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