Seeking 1 Person e-Learning Departments or small e-Learning Teams

I am very excited to be able to share that I will be speaking at a DevLearn11 breakout titled “Thriving as a One-Person e-Learning Department” and I am hoping that you might participate in a very quick crowdsourcing activity with me to help contribute to the resources shared during that session.


If you are either a 1-person or few-person e-Learning department or team could you please take this very short 5 question survey?


Thank you very much in advance for either taking the time to complete the survey or forwarding to someone you know who might be able to share their experiences.


DevLearn11 is a valuable conference for e-Learning Professionals and this year it will be held in Las Vegas in early November.  Be sure to check out the e-Learning Guild’s website if you are not yet familiar with this yearly conference.

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New Survey

Are you a 1 person e-Learning Department?Yes I am.

No, I work with other employees in my e-Learning Department (do not count live trainers)
Yes, I am a 1 person e-Learning Department and do  NOT use any contractors for help
Yes, I am a 1 person e-Learning Department but I use contractors
Other, please specify

How many employees does your company employ-myself only therefore one is the number which in your survey is equivalent to:

Less than 100

It often seems like there is not enough time.  With that in mind, what are your biggest challenges in meeting your e-Learning Department goals? lack of media resources, lack of updated content, build-test-development iteration cycle

You probably have had to adapt due to the challenges you face. What are some examples of things that you have learned to do differently to be as efficient as possible to make the most of your limited time?have all media resources in one place, update all obsolete content, have all development software available patched and updated to latest version.

What are your favorite resources, software/tools, etc. that help you save time in your e-Learning role?

Articulate suite, Adobe Suite, Macromedia Captivate, Web Applications

I am a one-person e-learning development team and not many people feel comfortable hearing it or dealing people who make such claims.  Truth of the matter is and unknown to most of these folks-
with sophisticated and very easy to use tools available (go to and the need to have a well coordinated seamless flow of content in an elearning project, one-person effort makes a whole lot of sense.  So there it is, my answers to your survey.  Thanks.