Seeking a Powerpoint Graphic Desginer

May 27, 2011

My company is getting more and more elearning work and we are looking for a graphic designer who can make great looking Powerpoint presentations. If that person also has Articulate, it would be a huge bonus. There are a lot of graphic designers out there, but making good looking presentations is a niche that is proving hard to fill.

The look we like is a presentation that is not obvious that it was not created in powerpoint. We definately use the Presentation Zen approach. I've seen lots of great examples on the forums, so the talent is definatly out there. If anyone has a referral or ideas where I should look, I would be grateful.

Kriss Laber

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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Kriss. I'm definately interested. Check out my website built with Aritculate ( and the screenrs I have done (// some of the blog posts I have been referenced in on the Articulate Word of Mouth blog and Tom Kulhmann's blog for some ideas of the kind of work I do:

Hopefully I can give you a hand with some of your projects. You can reach me at



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