Seeking a UK e-learning consultant

FieldStar ( is the professional membership body for UK field marketing and promotional staff. We are looking for UK based e-learning consultants to help us and our clients build online training courses to be delivered to FieldStar members.

We currently have training courses available which we have built using Articulate and are keen to keep working with that format. You would need to be comfortable working with clients on a sliding scale of involvement, from taking supplied PowerPoint content and creating simple courses with little enhancement, through to consulting on creating training programs which may consist of multiple courses with heavy involvement in content creation.

If you would like to be considered or if you know a company who you feel we should be talking to then please drop me a reply below with a quick summary / details of where I can find more information. Or if you prefer you can send me a private message by clicking on my profile image to the left.

Many thanks,


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John Curran


I do a lot of work with Articulate and am currently on the beta test programme for Storyline (great for taking Articulate courses to the next level). I also run Articulate and ID training courses.

Happy to send you some examples of work. I also work with other Articulate developers so can respond to short deadlines if necessary.

I took a look at your existing materials. How do you currently host the modules?

More information at:



Steve Radford

Hi Bruce,

I'm not too familiar with storyline, but wouldn't object to its use in the right cases. The key is that I know some of my clients have already built training courses to be delivered face to face using PowerPoint and so I'm keen that we are able to offer them the most cost effective solution by adapting their existing content if necessary.

At this stage I'm not ruling out anything to be honest.


Steve Radford

Hi John,

Our current course is hosted on a basic LMS that we've built as training reults need to be incorporated into the online CV's / profiles which we produce for our members. We're happy with this and so any additional courses would need to integrate too, however all we are recording is the fact that the end of course exam has been passed by a user so I imagine integrating training built in any platform would be fairly straight forward.


john faulkes

Hi Steve,

I have been building eLearning for 10+ years, operating from out of the UK. I have experience of many media, including Articulate, and am also on the Storyline Beta test program.

See for some generic examples, some articulate examples can be supplied on request...

Kind regs