Seeking help with course resources - Underground route map

Mar 08, 2012


I am making an eLearning course and the navigation is inspired from the Underground route map.

User can click on the map and each station will be a new topic.

I am looking for graphic images, fonts, audio clips, ideas etc related to this theme.

Any reference would be of great help....

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Sayuj Ravindran

Hi David,

The idea came from my SME itself... yes even I loved the idea. I am based in India and we dont have much underground transport stuff here... I had been into some underground stations in Germany but still cant recollect any signboards or any graphics that were very typical to underground stations... (except for the red round and the blue bar nameplate, of course) so basically I am looking for any thing related to this theme...

Thanks for your comment David..

Sayuj Ravindran

Kristen Watson said:

I once bought my dad a book of underground metro maps.  I'm not sure if it is this one, but it might give you some ideas:

If you sign into Amazon, you can preview a bunch of pages from it.

Thanks for the reference Kristen.

Sayuj Ravindran

Phil Mayor said:

Something similar to the fonts can be got here, would be good to use an labelled graphic and link to slides in ppt, then link back to the engage

Thats a nice font. I am using it for this course. Thank you Phil.

And the idea of Labelled Graphic is great... I will definitely consider that... What I did now is a landing page in Presenter with hyperlink to other slides.. each station (or sub topic) will have a closed train door (in the landing page)...clicking upon which the door will open and a demo video will pop up in a new window (happens in a new slide).. 

What i am thinking now is how to include the engage labelled interaction idea into this..??!!! The method is same I guess.. just need to replace the landing page with the engage interaction tab... but i wonder if the door animation will look smooth when jumping from engage slide to presenter slide.. may b i should do some trial n error...

Anyway thanks for the great idea Phil...

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