Seeking ideas for driver education course

Hi everyone,

  I've been been an avid reader of this great forum for a year and I'd really like to hear your ideas about the following:

  I have a task to update an online theory course of driver education in Storyline. The old version is similar a photo/illustration slideshow with voiceover, chunked into approximately 5-7 minute bits. I can move away from this format somewhat, so I plan to add interactions and scenario-based tasks to make the course more engaging. However, I have to think of  ways for smoothly integrating the interactions into the old format.

Have you ever created/worked with a course on driver ed? How did you approach it?

Or have you come across any great examples of online driver ed courses?


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Tristan Hunt

When the give way rules changed in New Zealand there was an amazing e-learning animation going around where you were sitting in a car and  it came up to an intersection,  you were then asked if you want to go or give way. Once you selected you would either carry on or it would give you feedback explaining why your decision was wrong.

I can't find the exact one but this page has some videos and images that you could recreate for similar effect



Jaanika Hirv

Thanks for your examples, Allison and Tristan!

Susan - yes, I did work out a the way to build my courses, but I started much later than planned so nothing is ready yet.

I will do it as  mix of lots of illustrations+ photos. Illustrations show the rules of the road and manoeuvres (as in Tristan's example, but illustrations with some animated elements - motion paths and states can be used for that) and annotated photos of real traffic, which draw attention to relevant things the driver should notice.

To make it cost-effective and simple to generate large amount of illustrations, I ordered a set of ready-made images (signs, cars, road markings) which I can combine in Storyline as I want, to explain large set of different situations that you come a across in traffic. There will be voice-over to explain the drawings + photos of real traffic + exercises at the end of each short lesson.

 As I don't have much of a budget, I did not choose a video. However, annotated video in the style of "fly-on-the-wall in a driving lesson" (where the instructor explains the learner driver how and what to do) might be the best option.

I hope it gives you some ideas.