Seeking inspiration on a scenario based project

I've been charged with creating scenario based learning on subject recruitment.  The target audience is nursing research assistants who will be approaching potential subjects about participating in research studies.  There are certain protocols that must be followed and a number of possible situations that may arise where things don't go as planned (i.e., patient doesn't meet the criteria for the study, patient doesn't show up for the initial meeting with the RA, legally authorized representative/LAR must provide consent because the patient is unable to due to condition, etc...).  Initially, the module will cover 3 patient populations:  Healthy (awake and alert), critically ill and child.  I would like to use something template based for each population that can be easily adapted to additional populations/scenarios.

We have the technical ability, "actors" and location to produce video clips for the scenarios, but the group is also open to using still images.  I have scripts for the healthy population that include the "perfect" scenario and five scenarios where things don't go as planned.  Objectives are for research assistants to understand and be able to explain the required elements of consent to potential subjects, and to become comfortable when attempting to obtain consent in different situations.  What I don't have are scenarios where the research assistant makes a mistake or fails to follow protocol, and I think incorporating that will be a valuable learning experience.

I have some ideas of my own, but am hoping to make this highly interactive and would love input from this amazing community!

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david stokes

Hi Elizabeth,

Sounds like an interesting project. The subject area is quite different, but this website has an effective approach to scenario based learning, with good examples of what happens when the wrong decision is made... Moulage 

It looks like it was created entirely with HTML, but some creative use of powerpoint/hyperlinks and articulate should be able to achieve a similiar effect?

Charlotte Brooks

Hi Elizabeth,

I use scenario-based learning in my courses, and our learners love them, so good for you. I would go to/find a "key stakeholder", and pick their brain about some real scenarios they have encountered.  In my last course I was the SME, so I was able to re-create some scenarios, without identifying anyone or breaching any confidentiality.

Good luck, sounds like a great course.