Seeking LMS Recommendations

Mar 12, 2019

Hi, everyone -

I am shopping around for a new LMS vendor and looking for your recommendations and any reasons you're willing to share for recommending them. Our training program averages 30 - 50 users per month and all content is developed using Replay, Storyline, and Rise. I am accustomed to developing assessments using the LMS tools so we can track our learner's performance. My budget is $8K per year, FYI.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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For outside the box thinking  - easygenerator -  is actually an online authoring tool with learning record system (LRS) built in but worth a look in combination with some good LMS in cloud system. LMS has more or less grown out of its former role with Xapi.

But there are still a lot of the current combinations left to take the plunge. Change like this is not only connected to technology. But it will be what happens if the trend spotters are even half right.

Michael O.

If you are looking for Software as a Service (SAAS)  i was recently introduced to Bridge.  Its not cheap but is likely well in your budget. 

If you are looking to host your own LMS and if you are familiar with WordPress take a look at the LearnDash plugin.  It is very inexpensive and has a very positive reputation. 

If you are part of a large enterprise with an HR employee system look to see if they offer a LMS plugin.

Karl Muller

I have used a number of LMS applications over the years and they are vastly different. My recommendation is to prepare a list of requirements. Which features and functions (and price) are you looking for? What are the specific LMS needs for your organization? What is essential and what is a nice-to-have? Once your requirements have been clearly defined, then do a search of systems that best meet those requirements.

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