Selected and visited states showing at the same time?

Jan 30, 2019


I hope someone can help me out! 
I've made a list of words and each one shows a layer when clicked. They're all in a button set together.

In Normal, Selected and Visited state I've added a dot. In Selected there's no transparency to the dot. In Visited state I've also added a checkmark. 

My problem is that the Visited state shows at the same time as Selected. And it adds the dot on top of the dot from Normal state.

Is there any workaround? 
I was trying to create a group of shape, text box and picture, but then I can't add to the button set.

I've attached my workfile!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Nadia,

When you click on your button it is effectively both Selected and Visited (no transparency on dot, bold text and check mark). When you select another button, the previous one will only show the Visited state (slightly transparent dot and check mark) and the new button will show both the Selected and Visited states.

You may get a better effect by using a Hover state instead of the Selected state. That way, when you hover over the button, the dot will appear and the text will be bold, but if you select the button, the dot will become slightly transparent, the text will change back to normal and the check mark will appear (your desired Visited state).

Joey Buys

Hi Nadia.

As far as I am aware you won't be able to combine the 'Selected' and 'Visited' states (to achieve what you are aiming to do) due to the predefined logic implemented on these built-in states.

Once an item is selected, it will automatically trigger the 'Visited' state of the same object.

An alternative, but quite a lot of work, is to add a new state called 'Done' that has the 'Visited' state's visual que in it. You can then add a variable to tell Storyline to switch the object to 'Done' should they 'Click outside of' said object if that object's current state is equal 'Selected'.

This should work for your goal, but you will need to have this trigger for each object affected (in your case, 25 triggers). 

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