Selected State Problem


I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I created a button set to only have one object be in the selected state, but it goes all buggy on me.

Here is a sample file. Please click preview then click "start here" and then "exercise 1" and back and forth. Once you click back and forth it does not show the correct state.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Natalia Mueller

Hi Adam,

I suspect that it has to do with clicking Start Here from the Exercise slide. It's jumping before displaying the selected state. Plus once you return to the Start slide, that button is no longer in a selected state because you actually clicked it on the other slide and the timeline of slide 1 doesn't begin with selected as the initial state. There may be more to it than that but I'm wondering- do you have a future purpose for separating this into individual slides instead of using layers? If you use slide layers instead it's much easier to click between buttons and keep the states working smoothly.

I have to cut out of the office but I hope someone has the right answer for you!

adam rae

Thanks Natalia!

Hmmm. What do you recommend as a solution?  I would rather do it by layers but chose to do it via separate slides as each slide will have layers  built into them.  Is it possible to have layers with layers on them?

It also has 85 separate slides at this point (some with layers attached). It is quite large which is another reason why I went to individual slides.  Should I scrap it and have 85 + layers? If so, how can I get layers on my layers slide?

Thanks again!