Self Examination with Drop Downs

Is there a way in (Storyline2) for me to create a list of about 15 items and then pair each with a drop down box containing 3 options?

 The tricky part is there is no right answer and I want the same 3 options in each of the drop down lists.

What I’m trying to do is have the users view a list of Risk Factors for suicide on the left and then self-identify if they think it is High risk, Low Risk, or they are unsure. The answer doesn’t matter as this is a self-assessment and all will get the same feedback on another layer regardless of their answers.

 I’m trying to avoid the short answer box and more directions telling them to type “High, Low, Unsure” in the box- I think folks won’t take that seriously when they realize they can type just anything…

I don't need scoring and ideally I'd like to carry their responses over to another layer (if possible... definitely not the priority).




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