Self-Guided / Self Paced Course & SCORM

My group is currently trying to tackle the idea of tracking self-paced/guided OJT learning.  The point being to see which resources are most useful, etc. but also track completion.  My initial thought is to use PPT/Articulate to produce a self-guided training roadmap that points the user in various directions based on a timeline (e.g. first week of employment, first month, first 3 months, etc.) each with various content associated with the time period.  This would work in conjunction with support from a technical coach.  Has anyone produced something like this? What was your experience? Any obstacles? Technical issues? 

Can the SCORM wrapper track completion of various "Attachments?" Or would there need to be a knowledge check associated with it? 

Any particular issues with saving the user's progress if it is, indeed, a year long self-study that the user would repeatedly log into?

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