Selling Articulate Courses

Sep 06, 2020

Hi all,

I know that this topics come up on a few occasions but I don’t really think I’ve seen the answers that I’m looking for in previous threads.

Im someone with several years experience building online courses and feel like the quality of content I produce is definitely high enough that I can sell some of these courses.

The problem is, I’d have no idea where to start!

Does anyone have any experience selling their courses? Any suggestions, hints or research points would be hugely appreciated.

Areas I’d be interested to learn about:

- Selling both rise and storyline courses

- Marketing my content

- Pricing my content 

- Any other hints/tips


Thanks in advance! 


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Dave Goodman

Quick answer - you have about 1,000+ competitors who all think their courses are as good as yours. Don't fight this battle but go with your strengths. Focus on 1-3 specific areas of content/skills that can make you different, unique and a 'go to person' for your knowledge. Some examples: courses that support specific competencies (Change Agents, Resilient Leadership, Money Laundering, Disaster Management, etc). Be unique in what you offer. Have about 5 courses within a single focus area and then add some consultancy around the course, e.g., you create proven assessments within the Disaster Management arena. Regards. 

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