Selling packaged asynch courses to companies

Sep 18, 2013

For those of you who sell courses to companies and/or to individuals, how do you determine pricing? 

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Nicole Legault

Hey Patti!

That's a great forum discussion, and I hope that it picks up a bit of traction, because it's a good topic. 

OpenSesame is a market place for buying & selling e-learning courses, so it might be a good place for you to do some digging around and research, to see what kind of prices are out there for existing or similar e-learning courses for sale:

Also, a few  past forum discussions on the top of selling e-learning courses:

Hope this is a helpful start...

Condoleeza T.

When I went onto Open Sesame all I saw was pricing per view.  I am also interested in Patti's question.  What would a one shot price be for a 30 minute management training session.  I am learning that it varies greatly by content and how elaborate the course it.  I think it also varies by what specific industries are willing to pay for it.... that seems to be my issue.

Jim McKay

We license our programs on a yearly basis based on company size.  We also sell them ala carte to customers without an LMS, however that is a very small portion of our business.  We use Open Sesame but to be honest have seen little in the way of sales there.  Does anybody else know of companies like Open Sesame that you have had luck with?

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