Sending a business partner the PowerPoint file without the presenter files

May 20, 2017

Can you advise?  I created a module with Presenter.  My business partner would like to look at the powerpoint file.  How do you just send the powerpoint without the presenter files?  Probably a very simple solution?


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Ulises Musseb

Question, why does your business partner want to look at the PowerPoint file only? There has been some work already developed from it, so it seems like it doesn't make a lot of sense to not look at the work that has been done.

That said, you can just sent the PowerPoint file. The person will not be able to see any Engage interactions or quizzes, but everything else in the PowerPoint will be there intact.

Again, if some development has been made to the content, it doesn't make sense to send just the PowerPoint file.

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