Sending Information from a "Form" Directly to Email (JavaScript)

Is there a way to send information from a "form" I have created directly to email? I have created a simple JavaScipt that executes on click of a button. If y0u fill in the form before doing so, the script will compile the information the input and open the default email client, placing information into an email, along with a recipient and subject.

This is effective, but not necessarily efficient. Is there a way to send the email directly from the first button press?

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Bill Kelleher

Thanks for chiming in! What I am envisioning is something like submitting an HTML form using the Post method. It collects the variables and sends them directly to the selected recipient, so the JS would be different. I think I would need to tie this into a server to execute the sending of the emails. 

I suppose I could also create an actual HTML web form and insert it as a web object?

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

If you have access to a web server or mail service (via API) you can post the values to it and have it send the data. 

Might be able to accomplish is it with Google Docs and Google Apps Script as well. I have used GAS to save data to a Google spreadsheet and automatically send an email.  This example doesn't include the email function but it might get you on the right track. And it's not too hard to add.


Bit of an old thread I know. I have been looking for a way of sending emails for ages too. I tried the JS method but if the participant uses a web based email then this does not work. Even though I can not get it to auto populate with variables I found that Bill's and Mathew's  web object works.