Sending variables out of Storyline

OK firstly I'm still on the old version, not been upgraded yet.

I've created a module that I've given people a notes area on the side of the page. This is a button they click on to open.  Each note section has a different variable attached to collect the information written.

What I'd like to know is would there be a easy way of getting this out.  I've currently had a go at creating a bit of javascript that sends all the variables with line spaces between to an email.  I have discovered (always learning) that as we use Google Mail in the company this is unlikely to work as the script wants to open a mail client to send.  Alternatives would be to print the information or I guess dump it in a word doc they can then save.

Any ideas welcome.

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Brenda Tyedmers

Hi Sarah,
There was a recent challenge in which several people provided the option to
print and email notes in different ways.

Check out Stephanie Harnett's resources (links are included near the top of
the page).

I included download file in the challenge that was based on Stephanie's
code, and others came up with similar options.

Good luck!