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Nov 08, 2018

I have 5 chapters (All created in 5 different Scenes) and I require my learners to completed Chapter 1 before they can access chapter 2... so on and so forth until chapter 5. 

Is there any way that I can disable chapter 2, 3, 4 and 5 at the start and upon clicking the complete button in Chapter 1. It makes Chapter 2 button active?

  • I have added a Number Variable (called ActiveButton) and set Default Value as 1.
  • I added a trigger to change state of Topic 2 button to Normal when Variable (ActiveButton) changes value.
  • I set Chapter 2 button as Disabled when timeline starts.
  • Upon clicking the last page of Topic 1, I set the Variable (ActiveButton) to add by 1.

On the first preview it seemed to work, however after that it doesn't work anymore.

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Eric Rowland

I just made a simple version of this - here is what I did:

  • I made the chapter buttons  with a Disabled (built-In State) State. 
  • Created a True/False Variable for each chapter.
    • Name: Chapter 2   Type: T/F     Default Value: False 
  • Created each chapter page/paths.
  • User clicks on Ch 1 from the chapters homepage.
  • Last page of Ch1 is a button that has the following triggers:
    • Adjust Variable, Chapter, =Assignment, Value-True, user clicks, end chapter button. 
    • Jump to chapters homepage slide
  •  As a slide trigger on the chapter homepage:
    • Change state of, Ch 2 button, to Normal, when timeline starts, obj is the slide
      • ON Condition: Chapter 2 ==Equal to True

Once the user returns from chapter 1, the slide will automatically check if the variables for any of the chapters has changed, and if so it will change the state to normal and allow for the user to continue to the next chapter.

If I made this more confusing, let me know! (There might even be an easier way!!) 

Carolyn Kunz

Yes, but I would use a T/F variable for each chapter vs. a number. (See attached file.)

Manage Variable:
Create a T/F variable for each Chapter, with the default = F.

On Your Slide Master:
- Change the state of each chapter (2-5) button when the timeline starts to disabled when chapter (2-5) = F.
- Change the state of each chapter (2-5) to Normal when variable chapter (2-5) changes to T On the Chapter slide.

On Each Chapter Slide:
- Adust variable chapter (2-5) for the next chapter to T when the timeline starts. For example, on chapter one slide: Adjust variable chapter 2 to T when the timeline starts. (You can also put this on the last slide in your scene if you want to make sure the employee views all the content first before having access to the next chapter.)

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