Share Your Freebies Here Week 10: #53Freebies

Hey everyone,

Monday again, so you probably know already what time it is.... FreebieTime!

One of the most used features in SL are the markers. Markers are a great tool to reveal more info about all kind of other elements on your slide.

Unfortunately the markers in SL don't always match the look and and feel of your course. So, in this week I'll share a new set of chalkboard markers. In the download you will find the whole set. 

Please let me know if you need other symbols in for this set.

Demo and Downloads


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Dianne Hope

We use numbers a lot in e-Learning - for modules, steps in a process, etc. Here's some number stencils I've created in PowerPoint - fully customisable colours and fonts - or extend your creativity and use this concept to create stencils of words. Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint file.