Share Your Freebies Here Week 12: #53Freebies

Mar 21, 2017

Hi everyone, sorry I've kept you waiting for my next entry of the #53Freebies, but here it is.

In this week I will share a demo with two types of course navigation. Maybe you ask yourself why do I need to types of navigation in one e-Learning course? Well, in my opinion it is our main goal to create a course for many different learners. Maybe there are learners who love to take the course from A to Z, but what if there are learners who want to navigate freely trough the course?

Follow the link below for demo and the downloads (Sl2 and SL360).

Demo and Downloads


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Walt Hamilton

Here is a demo of three types of navigation. It originally was a medical course, and allowed the user to go through linear, or by one disease, then the other (vertical navigation), or by comparing symptoms, diagnosis, treatments (horizontal navigation).

This demo gives the choice of linear, by type of slide, or completely at random. It also gives the  choice between 2 skins for the nav page.



Dianne  Hope

A few weeks ago I submitted a selection of my photos to the Pexels site - they appear to have approved (a very strange process here - ie don't hold your breath for them to let you know this, or to reply to any communication about your submissions!!).  As Pexels are now included in Articulate 360 as an add-in, as well as in PowerPoint, hopefully someone will find some of these images useful in their course development.

Click on the image below (which is one of my photos) to view and download 218 of my photos for free

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