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Paul Alders

Yeah, finally....done. 

Last weekend I struggled with some JavaScript codes, but luckily I found my scripting Hero in our community...Zsolt Olah was able to put me in the right direction. This week I'll share a Javascript code that you can use to print the results of a checklist is in your course. The checklist that I have used for this demo is a part of Nicole's checklist for e-learning.

Below is a link to the demo and downloads, but don't forget to download the zip file. There is a print file in this file that you need as a style sheet for your print.

Demo and download


Julie Franke


Would like to share an Induction template I created in Storyline 360 as a way of increasing my skills. It is a linear module - and I've been told a little conventional - but hope you like it and with any luck could be of some use to someone out there.

Feel free to use the template and the character (who was custom built) anyway you like. The headshots are from Made by Sidecar - love their work!

Here is link to demo: http://bit.ly/2rGBXZV

And to Storyline file: http://bit.ly/2rs4p4u

Induction Course SL360 template


Paul Alders

Hi Glen, 

Glad you like the demo. It is possible to do this in SL2, but in that case I have to do some rewriting on the variables and triggers. Unfortunately I can't import them from SL360 into SL2. So, stay tuned for an update of this Freebie or contact me at paul@eyespirations.com (than I can send the update directly to your inbox)