Share Your Freebies Here Week 40: #53Freebies

Hi everyone,

Here is my Freebie of this week. 40 down... 13 to go for this year ;)

Probably one of the most used interactions in e-Learning are the Menu interactions. Most of the time these interactions are showing a menu that shows on top of the content that the learner is viewing.

This week I want to share a sample of a menu that interact with the content on the slide... it will push the content to the right and left.

Demo and download

Have a nice week!

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Scott Burnett

Going to share one I just did to try something out. I thought about posting it as a freebie myself.

Here's what's going on. I am trying to get a way to involve the employees more in their safety at work. I am working on a course about building exit procedures. While this isn't the final product, this is the concept of my "quiz" for the course.

Course Intro