Share Your Freebies Here Week 6: #53Freebies

Hi everyone,

A little late for this Monday, but here is my next e-learning freebie.

This week I share a demo that also could be added to David's e-learning challenge #7 about converting static content into interactive content. Actually it is a short demo of a real life project that I'm working on these days. Because of this I can't share the real images that are used for the course, but I found some vector images on to give you a good idea of the look and feel of the real course. 

Demo and downloads

Looking forward to see your freebies in this week.


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Ridvan  Saglam

I couldn't share anything for the last two weeks. I hope you like this one; Feedback Cards. 

I created feedback cards for the quiz part of a course starter template which was supposed to be my entry for the Greenery Challenge. It seems that I won't be able to finish it soon. Maybe they can be useful for someone. 



Phil Mayor

I have no idea where the other weeks are here is an Airline safety tabbed interaction I built for a challenge and never posted the file

A link to view it can be seen here


Now to find the missing 4 weeks of my life

Jeff Kortenbosch

Here's my character for week 6 (and 7...) Download the PPTX file for the source and have fun with this cool character! I created a quick video tutorial on how to create a custom character set in Storyline with 'Jimmy' over here:

Marta Burda

Wow Jeff, Jimmy is great. Thank you for sharing!

I recently got a tablet myself but I can't seem to make lines so smooth, they come up so edgy :/

I can't draw really but Jimmy  is something I think I could handle ;)

I guess I gotta practice more and play around with somesettings in Photoshop.