Share Your Freebies Here Week 7: #53Freebies

Hi everyone,

The seventh week already.... #awesome. I really like all the demos that you've shared in the earlier posts of this Challenge and love the fact that so many people are joining me!!!

For this week I've created a few ZipperSlides. In the demo you will find a Title slide, a content slide, a question slide and a feedback slide....of course there are more variations of slides possible, that's why I also added a total of seven images of zippers for you to play with.

Demo and Download


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Ridvan  Saglam

I created three colorful progress bars to use in my future projects. They can be practical for quiz games. Each bar has 10 different states.  


Here you can see a demo;

In the RAR file, you will find png files of the three different bars and the story of the demo.


Richard Watson

Here's a few PowerPoint graphics that I just shared in the latest e-Learning Heroes challenge. I figured I would add them to the #53Freebies challenge too. You'll find (2) ipads, (3) iphones, (2) calculators and (2) monitors.  Enjoy

Free Graphics