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I came across a post from Mike Taylor over on linked in dealing with Visual Resumes. It appeared that in both the article he linked to and the source article, there were many nice examples built in PowerPoint and using slideshare. I've been tinkering with building my own resume using my see-n-say template but am curious to hear if anyone else is using any of the articulate suite of products to build and publish a "non-traditional" resume. If you are, I would love to see some examples.

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Phil Mayor

Nicholas Ostheimer said:

Thanks for the links Owen,

Would a Visual Resume be more suited for developer and designers or IDs?


I suppose the question here is what do you see yourself as. 

In large companies these are individual roles.  If pushed I would say my key strength is as a designer and developer.  

I can do the role as an instructional designer but will favour roles as designer and developer, and have worked with much better IDs than me.

Bruce Graham

@Nicholas - yes, I would call it a visual resume.

Having worked as a recruitment consultant, the biggest problem people have with CVs is that they say what their title was and the skills they had/have as the primary focus rather than WHAT THEY CAN OFFER/WHAT THEY DID. I have never, ever met anyone who I have had as a client who really cares about my past career history, except perhaps to display competence through career progression, and to give me a little bit of credibility given the roles that I have held. Those things are only ever used to add some background to the more fundamental issues at play.

Having been a freelancer for almost 6 years, people want to know what I can do to solve their business issues, help them sleep easily at night, help them sell more, or make them/their business look good. That is all I do - through the medium of (e)learning. DO they care what my personal hobbies are? No. Do they care what I do in my spare time? No. Do they care what I did 6-10 years ago as a job? No.

A CV contains qualifications, (I use my References for that), skills, (the site is built in the tools I will bring to your table), and keywords, (I try and populate the pages/scenes  with them). Granted, I may have an unusual approach to all of this, but I try to see trends that are current and future and work to those rather than constantly sticking to old formats. As Wayne Gretsky famously said...  "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.")

CV translates (approximately) as "a course of life", so is mine a visual resume? Hell yes, (for me anyway), and it seems to suit the purpose for which it was designed admirably.