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Hi all! I've been banging my head against my desk and I am at a complete and total loss as to sharing Articulate content on my website. A year ago, I created a Wordpress website ( to serve as my professional portfolio and so that I could share my entries for the E-Learning Challenges. Initially, I used an Articulate Media Player plug-in, but it is limited to a few uploads and then you have to pay $100. I've watched demos on using Amazon S3 or an FTP client. So, I downloaded the FTP client from Filezilla, created a directory, and uploaded the files. 

And now I don't know what to do...

How do I get the files to launch from my WP website? Is there a plug-in I need to use? I would REALLY appreciate some help on this. "I NEED A HERO!" (an e-Learning hero, that is)

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Linda Lorenzetti

Okay, so once you connect with your site via the FTP you're going to want to make a new directory at the right side of the screen where it says Filename, Filesize etc.  To do that you must right click and choose "create directory", I called mine challenges.  Don't touch any of the directories that are already there.  

Once you have a challenges directory you can create subdirectories for each new challenge within the Challenge directory, for example, this new challenge could be called dials.  Then you drag your published files into the dials subdirectory.  The link to your challenge entry will be your website name, slash, Challenges, slash, subdirectory name, slash, story.html, for this example:

Hopefully my screenshots will help.

Amanda Allen

I don't think I'm connecting to the FTP properly. My domain is hosted through SiteGround and they instructed me to use as the host. Upon connecting, I have to dig down into the public_html directory to see the wp-content directory along with the other wp directories. I didn't touch those but created a new directory under public_html (as SiteGround instructed) labeled Challenges, created a subdirectory labeled Dials, and uploaded my files. When I right-click on the html file, I get the following url:

That just doesn't seem right to me. And when I shared that url with you earlier it asked you to authenticate. 

Screenshots attached.