Sharing my student project: "Raise Your Hand" - A way for learners taking a Storyline-built course to ask SMEs a question and get a quick answer

I took an Educational Technology class this semester and I thought I would share my completed project as it involved Storyline.

Basically, it provides a way for learners in an asynchronous online course to ask questions of a subject matter expert (SME) and get an answer sent back to them while they're still in the course.

My reason for creating this project was that, as much as I like e-learning (it's paid the bills for 20 years), I've always disliked the idea that a learner doesn't have a way to ask a question in an online course like they would in a classroom.

So, I built an interface in Storyline that connects with Twilio (a service that provides an API to handle SMS messaging). When a student poses a question in a Storyline course, a previously-identified SME gets the question as a text message. Once they answer the question (by replying to the text message), the student is notified of the answer within the Storyline interface.

Here's a trailer I created for the project.

Here's a video presentation that shows more detail. I've also attached a project paper that gives more technical detail.

To see a working example (and pose your own question), click here. To ask a question, click the "Raise Your Hand" button.

I'll probably keep the live example active through the end of the year.

I'm happy to answer any questions related to the project. Heck, I'll answer questions unrelated to the project, too.

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