Shelter Images - Vendor Suggestions Needed

Hello!  Our team creates E-Learning for Provider Agency staff that supports people experiencing homelessness.  As a result, we are seeking high quality images to leverage for our E-Learning.  Vendors we have leveraged have slim selections of images needed.  (Images are needed of shelter kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms all without people.)  Can anyone recommend a vendor or possible solution -- other than taking pictures of a real shelter?  Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Judy Nollet

Alas, you ruled out the suggestion I'd make: taking pictures at a real shelter.

The location pics you're asking for are so specific that it seems doubtful you'd find them on a stock-photo site. If you have connections with other agencies that do similar work, you could reach out to them.

I think you should reconsider taking pictures. Camera phones are so good nowadays that you could ask the staff to take the photos or take them yourself (i.e., avoid the cost of hiring a pro).