Shooting Game/Interaction in Story

Hi all, 

I am trying to create an interaction whereby I have an shooting object (canon/gun) which shoots a cannonball per trigger (triggered by the click of the gun image/fire button to start a motion path of cannonballs to an open space). The cannonballs are then dragged to a free form/drag-and-drop area. Any ideas of how this can be achieved without making it an automated shooting scene (what and how are the variables used, layers, etc.). 

I have attached the file for better understanding of my issue. I'm stuck at trying to shoot out a new/different cannonball from the same button every time the user clicks it.

I hope someone could advice me on what to do.

Many thanks in advance!

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Mortigou Labunda

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the guidance. It helped a lot. I was confusing myself on what variable to use and what not. Didn't expect that it could be done in much simpler way. I appreciate your assistance and advice very much.

Also, is there any way that when the cannonball is dropped over first (second, third and so on) black box from the left, the learner is not able to drop over any other cannonballs on the first (second, third and so on) green box from the left and vice versa? Its like disabling the learner to tick off the Yes and No box at the same time for the same question.

On another note, is there any way so that when the cannonballs are dragged over the wrong box or missed the dragged point, they won't return back to the canon, instead it would randomly end up at an designated empty space/hotspot randomly? I played around with the hotspot but didn't manage.

Thank you again, Kelly!

Kelly Meeker

Hi there Richmond - I don't think there's a way to have the cannonballs land at a defined spot when they're not dropped on a correct drop zone (or any drop zone).

One option would be to change the settings to not have the cannonball jump back, but I worry that might be confusing! The Jump back is always going to jump the cannonball back to its original, pre-motion path location.