Short Answer Survey and How Many Questions corrupted?


I'm using short answer survey questions to report text entry fields to my LMS and a how many survey question to report a score from a variable. 

For the short answer questions, I followed the advice in this article. I found the how many tip on one of the many threads on the subject of reporting variables to an LMS - I think the tip came from Phil Mayor, but I can't now find the exact thread. Anyhow, it all worked beautifully.

I hide the survey questions with my own content so that the learner doesn't see them flashing by. I'm now seeing strange behaviour in the file and in the LMS though. When I go into form view on the slides in the .story file, the title of each slide is showing up in the answer field. In my LMS, where it used to say

1) short answer

[whatever the learner entered]

it now says

1) [text entered into the main title field of the slide]

[whatever the learner entered]

It's still reporting what I need, I'm just wondering if there is anything ominous about Storyline seemingly sucking in slide content into the answer field. I can't delete it or reset it to how it was before (without rebuidling the slide, which I obviously want to avoid!) Has anyone seen this before? Did it stop anything working or have any adverse effect?

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Matthew Bibby

I think I can explain this. It's all SCORMs fault.

If you are using SCORM 1.2, an identifier will be sent to the LMS instead of the actual question text.

This is because the suspend data limit is rather, well, limited, in SCORM 1.2. 

However, if you are using SCORM 2004, the question text will be pulled from the slide and reported in full to the LMS. This is good as it makes reports easier to read! 

So no, nothing ominous here.

Does that explain it?