Should a suite of short learning modules be Courses or Lessons in Rise?

I'm looking for opinions - I should say at the start I don't think there's a right answer to this!

I'm developing a learning package for a client which may have 1 to 1.5 hours of study overall. The overall topic is easily separate-able into some 8 learning modules.

(I had a prior experience with an SL course of similar duration. The business requestor wanted one integrated course. The L&D pro in charge of importing it to the LMS asked for it to be split into 5 separately published courses!)

Now I have the dilemma of creating 8 Rise Courses, or 1 Course with 8 Lessons. Either is easily possible but I am interested in any experiences or opinions on this.



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Holley Berley

Hi John,

There's certainly not a wrong answer here!  

Are your learners in an LMS where gamification is present?  If so, I'd lean towards 8 different courses.  

If not, I'd lean the opposite way.  However, it's not a far lean.  :)  Do whatever makes sense for you and your learners.  If they are a one-and-done group, give them one course.  If they seem like they'd prefer chunks, present them with separate courses.