Show layer "correct" if these checkboxes selected; show layer "incorrect" if any of these selected

Help! I just don't understand why the following doesn't work! When users click checkboxes 1,3,5 and 5 and click the Submit button, the Correct layer should display; if they leave any one of those 4 checkboxes unchecked and click Submit, the Incorrect layer should display. In fact, even setting this up with one checkbox doesn't work, unless I disabe one of the two triggers. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong - what is it?

Checkbox-related triggers


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Garth Yorko, T.E.

Your triggers are working as they should.  If they select the correct boxes, then the incorrect boxes are in a normal state.  So even if they select all the correct boxes, the second trigger takes over since at least one of the incorrect boxes is in a normal state and the incorrect layer displays.

An easier way to get what you want is to convert the slide to a freeform question (Pick Many).  The correct layer displays if they select the correct checkboxes.  If at least one of the checkboxes selected is incorrect, or if at least one of the correct checkboxes is not selected, then the incorrect layer displays.

I have attached the source file.