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I'm creating a course in Storyline 2 with a central dashboard where the user will choose their lesson initially and every time they complete a scene, they are taken back to the dashboard to choose another lesson. When user has completed a lesson, I want that lesson to show completed somehow on the dashboard (grayed out, checkmark, etc). Is there a way to do this?... I'm still pretty new to creating courses on my own so I don't know all of the advanced things this software can do. Thanks!

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Punam Parab

To show that a learner has completed a lesson, you can make use of 'States'. I've attached a Storyline 2 template for your reference. If you play the file, you will notice that states have been used (on slide 2) to show the progress of the learner.

Do let me know if is this is what you are looking for.



Joey Buys

Hi Nikki.

Not sure if you managed to find a solution to your question yet, as I noticed that your question was posted quite a while ago.

What you are requesting is entirely possible and fairly easy to do. Unfortunately I am working on Storyline 3/360 and thus will will not be able to share a sample file with you that will work in Storyline 2.

1. On your 'Dashboard' slide, add all the 'buttons' that will jump to the correct lessons.

2. Add a True/False variable for each lesson of your course - i.e. Lesson1Complete, Lesson2Complete, etc. with a default 'False' value.

3. On each button, remove the 'Visited' state (if applicable) and add a new (custom) state called 'Completed' with your visual queue inside it (check mark).

4. Add a slide trigger for each button, to change it's state to 'Completed' when the timeline starts and if the related variable is equal to 'True'.

Trigger Details

5. Finally, on the LAST slide of each lesson, add another trigger that changes the variable for that lesson from 'False' to 'True'. Please ensure that this trigger is ABOVE / BEFORE the trigger that jumps back to the Dashboard slide.

Your Dashboard should function similarly to a menu, but with tracking built-in.