Showing one set of passing scores on results slide for course with multiple quizzes

I have a single course with 8 different quizzes. The learner only has to take one quiz based on the state they are from and receive a score of 8/10 or higher to pass. Since the AS results slide would average out ALL 80 quiz questions, not just the 10 questions for the specific state, I would really like to be able to show the passing score and the learner's true score on the results slide (I wouldn't show the 10% passing score .... that would be too confusing). I know I could also create 8 different courses to do this, but it would be great if I could create a one-course solution instead.  Thoughts? 

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Hycinth Vincent

I would set up different question banks for each state and set up a true or false variable to only allow the user to take the test for their state. you can lower the passing score to 10%. I would add my own variable to add the score as they get questions correct and place it on the results slide.


Hycinth Vincent

idk but I can walk you through it. I have done this more than one way. you can set up a different course for each state in the LMS and the user can choose. I use this method when I have multiple languages.

But to set it up within the course... (This is for 8 different tests within 1 course.)

This is how you make the course branch based on which state is chosen.

1) Create a question bank for each state.

To create a question bank:

Put each question bank in a different scene.

2) Open manage project variables

Add a variable

Name: State; Type: Text; Value: A

 3) Go to the slide where the user chooses the state and set triggers

Action: Adjust variable; Variable: State; Operator: =Assignment; Value: (State Letters); When: State; On: (whatever button); Is: Visited

Set this for each state's button

Also you need to set state changes of all other buttons to disable when the user chooses one to prevent them from making multiple choices and messing up your test.

4) On the slide before the test scene, you need to branch based on the variable. (with triggers)

Action: Jump to Scene; Scene: (Whatever state's test); When: variable changes; Variable: State

Add conditions

And/or: and; List: Variable; If: Stat(name of your state variable); Operator: == equal to; Type: value; Value: (whatever value you put on the button that corresponds to the test)

This need to be set for each test.


Hycinth Vincent

Now to add the score yourself....

You need another variable for Score of test.

On each of your question slides set a variable to add a given number of points to score of test for each correct question.

Finally, have this variable display on your Results slide.