Shuffling Questions from Multiple Question Banks

I am building a quiz consisting of 3 Question Banks, each with 10 questions. Each Question Bank is set to randomly pull 5 shuffled questions for the quiz, so the user will be asked a total of 15 questions. Currently, my storyboard has "Slide 1.7 Draw from QB1", "Slide 1.8 Draw from QB2", and "Slide 1.9 Draw from QB3". This means that I will get 5 questions from QB1, then 5 from QB2, and finish with 5 from QB3. I've seen questions and responses from almost 5 years ago, where this was not a feature, and that you could manipulate the trigger on Question 1 to say pull from QB2, then Q2's trigger to pull from QB3, and so forth. Using this trigger manipulation would then remove the random question pull, since you would have to have all triggers on QB1 questions go to QB2 or QB3, then all triggers from QB2 questions go to QB1 or QB3.  This seems overly complicated and you may or may  not end up with the desired pull from each Question Bank.  Am I missing something?  Is there now a way to automatically randomize order of the 15 questions?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Jeff!

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. 

There is a way to randomize the order of questions, which (as you know!) is by putting them into a question bank. There is, as of right now, no way to randomize the order of the question banks (unless you use some outside javascript code, with which it probably IS possible). Is there a reason you don't want them to go through the question banks in a certain order?