Sims-Like Pie Menu using Storyline

A few weeks ago I ran across this thread: Scenario-driven Interactive Graphic Novel style elearning which I found super interesting. One thing in particular that caught my attention was the part about creating some sort of The Sims-style pie menu, which looks like this:

I must confess... I'm a big Sims fan. (I know, nerd alert). In any case, I thought it might be a fun little side project for myself to create my own menu like this. So here it is, for you guys to play with and reuse in your own projects.


I've attached the .story file.

Leave me your comments if you have any ideas for anything that could improve it, or that I could add. I think when I have more time to play with it it would be neat to incorporate some audio, maybe by having an iPod on the desk with some "Play Jazz" and "Play Rock" options... Could be pretty cool!!

PS I don't know if it's actually a pie menu since the links arent really placed in a circular way but in any case thats where the inspiration came from!

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