Simulating Interactions for Remote Learning

Example: Un hogar sostenible

picture of a house

Since I have been teaching remotely for a year now, I am trying to recreate frequent checks for understanding for each and every student.  I developed this interactive house for a unit on sustainable communities in Colombia for Spanish 3. The idea is to give natural feedback similar to the way it would play out in real life.

Storyline Features

  • Drag and Drop interactions with and without drop targets
  • Layers integrated into the scene
  • Hotspot Triggers

I would love feedback and workflow tips.

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Sarah Hodge

I love how you approached this content, Paris! I really like that I can replay the instructions in case I need to hear them again. Since you're asking for feedback, one thing that would be nice would be to add slide numbers only to the activity slides over the total number of activity slides (e.g. 3/10) so learners can see their progress and how many activities they have left to complete. Thanks so much for sharing!