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David Price

I have built things like this in the past but I cant share the content as it is systems training for a specific company.  I'm happy to try and answer any questions you may have though.

I'll have a root around and see if I can find any of the old storyboards that might help shed some light on this for you, cant promise I still have them though.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Lesa! Absolutely! Simulations are great for providing learners a safe environment to learn a new tool. A few examples come to mind on the topic. 

This example allows learners to explore a new tool on their own: Storyline: Time Tracking App Software Simulation

This example walks learners through different ways to accomplish certain tasks: Storyline: Review 360 Software Sim

I also want to include this article because it has some great tips: 5 Tips for Creating Effective Software Simulations with Storyline 360

And if you're interested in using Rise 360, this example showcases a unique way to teach learners about a new software: Rise 360: Software Training Example

I hope these spark some new ideas!