Six Sigma e-learning template ideas

Hi Guys

I need some creative inspiration please. Im tasked with creating a prototype/demo for the six sigma black belt course. Any ideas in terms of look and feel/ creative and engaging elements would be appreciated. I was thinking of going with an actual karate type theme but perhaps that's too predictable.

Your fresh ideas and inspiration would be most welcomed.

Many thanks


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Bob S

Hi Jessica,

So here are a couple of random ideas to start things off...

  • "Mrs/Mr Fix It" - Ultimately Six Sigma is about fixing/improving processes. So theme it as a fun (or serious) technician-type character.  Create an avatar that guides them through it.
  • If the course is to be full-blown (ie lengthy), maybe create sub-themes around each phase of Six Sigma. Take the iconography for Define, Measure, et al and use it for that section.  For example.... Still have a consistent physical lay out, but for the "Define" chapter use binoculars/question symbol etc with a blue background. For the "Measure" chapter use a green background and a ruler/caliper etc icon. Etc
  • While teaching each phase of Six Sigma, try and make the course itself and course language reflect the particular concept. For example... When teaching "Analyze" beyond putting analytical exercises in, try to even frame up the lesser interactions in those terms - even for a simple click-to-reveal you can ask the learner to "analyze the following points" by clicking to reveal then asking for a conclusion/analysis from them like "would you say the points above spoke more to X or Z?"

Sure the rest of the community has some even better ideas. But hope these will at least help get the creative juices flowing for you. Good luck!